Financial Planning and Budgeting for the First Time

Moving to Texas has proven to be one of the best financial choices that I have ever made for myself. It’s not exactly a secret that I’m fairly terrible with my money. I always have been to be truthful. It stems from the fact that my parents themselves were absolutely atrocious with their own finances. With that sort of exposure I didn’t have much in the way to help define the sort of responsibility that I needed in order to reliably save money. And yet, here in Texas I have done just that! Starting with I did something that I have never done before; shopped around for a decent price.

I’ve been keeping a tighter handle on my budget which, for me, is one heck of a challenge! I’m attempting to be much more mindful about how much I spend and what sort of value I receive from what I spend the money on. The idea is to prioritize everything within the context of subjective and actual value while implementing a system of rewards for when I meet goals set for the week, month, tri-month and annual. It’s like a game for me and that, at least, is something that I can focus on.

My goal is set: five years and $10,000 saved up. It’s not a lot honestly but I think it’s a fair place to start and if I do manage to save more than what I’ve set for myself or reach it before the five year mark I’ll adapt the budget’s model and challenge myself even further. Challenges are what drive us to better ourselves and even if I do not have anyone there rooting for me as I come nearer to my goal, I’m content that I was able to do it on my own.