Qui sommes nous?

Tous deux Auvergnats, si Tom a eu la chance de rester en Auvergne, Stéphane vit à Paris depuis 1996.
C’est ainsi qu’après avoir fait goûter fromages et charcuterie aux collègues de travail parisiens, amis et copains de rugby, certains sont devenus “accros” aux produits d’Auvergne.
Aussi, devant l’afflux des demandes toujours plus nombreuses, nous avons décidé, en septembre 2007, de nous lancer et de proposer l’achat de ces produits en ligne.Depuis septembre 2010 un petit nouveau, Christophe, à rejoint l’équipe. Signes particuliers ; épicurien, curieux et amoureux de l’Auvergne, comme Tom et Stéphane.

Sur notre site vous trouverez, ou retrouverez, des fromages d’Appellation d’Origine Protégée fabriqués par des producteurs garants d’un savoir faire ancestral, ainsi que de la charcuterie de grande qualité, élaborée de façon artisanale.

L’Auvergne est une terre d’élevage, souvent plus connue pour ses vaches, porcs ou moutons, mais certains producteurs perpétuent aussi l’élevage traditionnel des canards nourris au maïs, permettant la confection d’excellents foies gras.

Nous vous invitons donc à découvrir les produits que nous avons sélectionnés à votre attention. Au fil du temps et de nos rencontres avec de nouveaux producteurs nous vous ferons partager nos coups de cœur et découvrir de nouvelles saveurs.

En tant que gourmets et gourmands, nous sommes très attachés à la qualité des produits et à leur conception dans le respect des traditions.

Aussi, soyez assurés que tout produit proposé sur le site aura préalablement été soumis à l’approbation de nos papilles averties et exigeantes !

Nous vous souhaitons un très bon appétit.

Father and Son Run a Business

My father and I have a very tumultuous relationship. We have butted heads over many issues in the past. My father has always had little expectations for me in life. He said I was stupid and dumb when I was a little kid. He always talked down to me. I felt really bad. This took a toll on my self-esteem, My family own a small, successful restaurant in Georgia. I worked there when I was younger for an allowance. We use a invoice template pdf for our business. This weekend is very special to me. This will be the opportunity to prove my father wrong.

A week ago, my parents decided to take a trip to Hawaii. They wanted to celebrate their marriage of twenty years. They were going to stay there for a week. Continue reading

My Dog Had an Upset Tummy

We have had our dog since he was 10 weeks old. He is now three years old, and he has brought such joy to our house. When he got diarrhea not long ago, it really concerned my husband and myself because our pup had never been sick a day since we got him. We make sure to feed him the best dog food, and we are very careful with the amount of treats we give him too. I didn’t even know what to feed a dog with upset stomach and diarrhea, so I went online to get an education.

I am not the type to panic over something without doing research first. I know a lot of people would bundle their pups up and get them to the vet the same day. Not me though. I thought of the times I had diarrhea myself. I didn’t go right to the doctor. Continue reading

Will a Vaporizer Help You Quit?

I have decided that I really want to quit smoking, for a large number of reasons. To start with smoking is way too expensive, especially for a guy who is as strapped for cash as I am. The cheap cigarettes cost you around four dollars a pack and the premium brands might cost you twice as much. I have been wondering if using a vaporizer help you quit? This one I am looking at has legions of fans according to their ads and it is probably going to be okay for me. I have been doing my research and of course you really need to look around and see which way the wind blows before you jump in. To start with a lot of these devices are basically disposable items, although that is mostly an e cig. You buy them and when the nicotine runs out you just chuck them in the trash. Continue reading

Drinking Beer when You Have Gout

Even though I have heard the word gout a lot in the past, I knew next to nothing about it. That changed when my husband was diagnosed with it. He just woke up one morning in extreme pain, and we got him to the doctor quickly. After some tests, the doctor said that it is definitely gout, which is one of the most painful forms of arthritis that there is. I asked him what happens if you drink alcohol with gout, and he told us that it definitely contributes to it. Continue reading

Juicing For Health – An Easy Routine

As a long standing promoter of the benefits of juicing amongst my family and friends I am often asked about my own routine and which ingredients I use on a regular basis. When juicing for health I try to keep in mind some advice once given to me by the proprietor of my local juice bar, “juice your veg and eat your fruit”.

I find this great advice, not only is it more socially acceptable to eat fruit in public but fruits are much easier for the body to digest than say root vegetables. Try crunching through a parsnip one day at work and you will see what I mean!

For me the best time to juice is first thing in the morning. Replacing your usual breakfast with juice has many advantages, especially for those of us who are juicing for health. With this in mind I have invested in a high end centrifugal juicer, the Breville 800 JEXL.  The superior build quality, ease of use and powerful 1000 watt motor of this model is well worth the premium price, especially if I am to use it at a time of day when time can be limited by work or school commitments.

The basis of my breakfast is made up of;

3x carrots

3x apples

The apples are the only fruit I use every day as in addition to their health benefits they come in a wide variety of flavors to suit all tastes and are readily available. In addition to this basic juice I add daily;

2 or 3 sticks of celery

1x beetroot

1″ length of fresh ginger

Additionally I will add from a selection of;

1x parsnip

3″ to 4″ length of cucumber

1x red sweet pepper

2 or 3 stalks of broccoli

I find that this selection has just about every vitamin and mineral you could ask for in a rehydrating and easily digestible form. As I tend to make up about a liter of juice I find that it lasts me until lunch time before I need anything else. Taste is a personal thing so experiment with ingredients to find out which is best for you. As you can see I am happy with quite an ‘earthy’ taste to my juice but I sometimes add a peeled lemon to give my juice a bit of zing.

Juicing for health with my Breville 800 JEXL has allowed me to start my day in a quick and nutritious way, giving me the benefits of higher energy levels with the added bonus of being an ideal way to incorporate juicing into a fitness or weight loss program.